Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park

Bear Paw Golf Camps

Bear Paw uses the industry recognized CN Future Links Learn to Play Program to develop well rounded young players. This program is designed to teach players in an age/stage appropriate core skills associated with the game.


This is a sequential program where competency needs to be demonstrated before the student moves on to the next level.  The primary focus of the early stages is the awareness, experience and enjoying the sport.  As the students progress the focus moves to improving their game.  The modules the students will be experiencing include:

  1. Skill Development
  2. Fitness & Health
  3. Golf 101
  4. Playing & Competition
  5. Mind Matters
  6. Life Skills


The instruction takes place at the Bear Paw Golf Course in South Grande Prairie.  We have sessions for children of different ages.  The Cost for the $160 per week.


9:00 to 12:00      Age 6-8 students

1:00 to 4:00        Ages 9 and up.


Camps run July 16-20 and August 20-24


Need something for your child to do in the afternoon?  We have an add-on half-day bike camp based in Bear Paw as well.


Bear Paw Bike Camp
Do you want to get out onto the trails, learn the basic skills or build on the skills you already have. Working with a certified instructor campers will move through various skills on obstacles and trails. Enjoy everything the Bear Paw area has to offer, exploring trails, making new friends and having fun outdoors!  Cost $160 and rental bikes for $50.