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40+ Biking Program

40 + Biking Program

We all grew up riding bikes! Feeling the freedom of the air rushing past, the ability to get over to our friends house in no time, riding around killing time all summer. Then, something happened – somewhere between going to work, picking up kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, we lost that freedom. Life gets busy, we forget to make time for us and all of a sudden we realize we haven’t been riding bikes nearly as much or maybe at all!

In this program we will go over basics such as- body position for trails, using our brakes properly, vision, bike body separation, learning how to stay balanced on the bike. We will practice on trails both cross country and downhill. After our first session we will see what the group needs more of and develop the lesson for the second session.

Ratio will be 1 instructor – 6 students (program need a minimum of 6 registrants)

Saturday May 23 and Saturday June 6.
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Cost: 150$ (includes instruction and lift passes)

Rental bikes available at additional cost:
Hardtail – $20
Full Suspention – $45