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COVID-19 Protocols

Nitehawk Winter 2021/22

COVID-19 Operating Protocols 

Last Updated: November 2, 2021

First and foremost, Nitehawk would like to say that the Health and Safety of our Staff & Guests is our top priority again this season. That being said, our Staff & Management are looking forward to welcoming all our Guests, their families & social cohorts to the slopes for a great
2021/22 Winter Season!

We do want you to know that Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing will look different again this year due to COVID-19, as well as the Landslide from May of 2020 that we are working to recover from; and we want to make sure you have all the necessary information regarding the impacts COVID-19 will have on your visit to Nitehawk. Please scroll down to learn more.

Please Note that Nitehawk will be continuing to update this page regularly as guidelines & protocols change, but despite these ongoing updates we want to share our current plans for operations this Winter Season with you. These protocols are based on Government of Alberta and Government of Canada Guidelines and Best Practices created and complied by the CWSAA, NSAA & CSC Ski Areas Associations and many local ski areas.

These guidelines and operating protocols have been adopted to ensure that the Health and Safety of YOU our Guests and our Staff, remain Nitehawk’s TOP PRIORITY. 

To learn more about how the Ski Industry is adapting, please check out the Canadian Ski Council’s  “Ski Well, Be Well” Operating Best Practices. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work hard to continue to be the REASON we HAVE a SEASON!

Please be sure to check this page for the most up to date information before visiting.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message us on our Facebook Page
or email info@gonitehawk.com. 

Masks or Face Coverings are Required.  Stay Home if Unwell. Maintain Physical Distance, stay 2m apart.
Stay 2 meters apart on
all Conveyor Lifts.
Wash your Hands Frequently. Be Wise Sanitize.

Restriction Exemption Program:

Currently, the Government of Alberta’s Restriction Exemption Program (REP) does not apply to our outdoor operations. Our guests will still be able to come skiing, snowboarding & tubing without having to show proof of vaccination. However, this could change should the government restrict our daily lift capacity.

Any guest (age 12 & up) that wishes to enter our Main Chalet or Lower Chalet for food & beverage service, to use the washrooms, or just to sit and warm up, must show your Alberta vaccine record with QR code, a negative COVID test, or a medical exemption letter. As of November 15th, Nitehawk will not accept any vaccination record other than the Province of Alberta QR code.

For any guest providing a negative COVID-19 test, the test result should be a written or printed copy that indicates the individual has tested negative for COVID-19 on a Health Canada approved rapid antigen, rapid PCR, or lab based PCR test approved by Health Canada or the lab accreditation body of jurisdiction. 

  • Valid test results should be a written or printed copy that clearly outlines the type of test, time of sample collection, clear indication of a negative result, and laboratory that completed the test, if applicable.
  • Photos of a rapid test or result taken offsite is not sufficient.
  • A self-test completed offsite or self-produced documentation of a negative test result is not valid.
  • Do not bring completed self-tests or rapid tests to businesses due to communicable disease risk.
  • Tests must not be from the Alberta Health Services public COVID-19 testing system.

For any guest providing a medical exemption letter, the valid medical exemption is the original signed letter from a physician or nurse practitioner that includes:

  • Person’s name that matches their identification.
  • Physician’s or nurse practitioner’s complete information, including:
    • name, phone number, contact information, professional registration number and signature
    • statement that there is a medical reason for not being fully vaccinated against COVID-19
    • duration that the exemption is valid

Will there be washrooms available for those that are not permitted inside the Day Lodge?

We will have 4 heated portable washrooms available for those guests that are not permitted inside the Day Lodge. There will be two portable washrooms located next to the Adventure School and two portable washrooms located next to the Tube Zone Parking Lot.

Face Coverings: 

For the safety of all our Staff & Guests, Face Coverings must be worn at Nitehawk: 

  • In ALL indoor spaces and cafeterias, unless you are actively eating or drinking. 
  • In ALL common outdoor spaces where physical distance can’t be maintained (ie. Chalet deck, Aquatera Tube Zone) 
  • In ALL lift lines and while riding lifts (Platter, 600ft Conveyor, Bob’s Bump Conveyor & NEW T-Bar Lift), no exceptions.
  • At ALL times when Tubing at the Aquatera Tube Zone. 
  • At ALL times when participating in a Ski or Snowboard Lesson.

We will not be allowing any exceptions to our mask policy. This policy is a key part of our safe operating guidelines in order for us to operate this season. AHS recommends that anyone that cannot medically wear a face covering should avoid any public place where physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that Face Coverings are not required while actively skiing or snowboarding and eating or drinking.

Safety Protocols: 

  • We ask that guests follow all signage and staff instructions while visiting Nitehawk. 
  • Capacities will be limited in some of our indoor facilities to allow us to manage access and work within COVID-19 Guidelines & Procedures.
  • Face Coverings will be required in ALL indoor spaces, cafeterias and ALL common outdoor spaces where physical distancing can’t be maintained. 
  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be provided at all entrances to the Indoor Spaces. And we encourage you to use them frequently.  
  • Nitehawk Staff will be required to do a health screening before each shift. Staff who are ill will be asked to stay home. 
  • Guests are required to stay away from our facilities if they are sick and/or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 as outlined by AHS.
  • We will be doing our best to reduce touch points wherever possible; including but not limited to: Cashless Payment Methods, Online Ticket Purchasing and Online Waiver Forms. 
  • Plexiglass barriers are installed where they have been deemed appropriate throughout the Chalet & Lower Chalet.
  • We will be cleaning regularly, especially in high traffic areas and touch points, and wiping down and disinfecting surfaces, as per AHS Guidelines.

Hill Access & Lifts:

    Our 2021-22 Winter Season is scheduled to start on Saturday November 27th (weather dependent). 

  • There will be limited hill capacity as we operate within AHS Guidelines and also adapt to having less terrain and overall lift capacity, due to the landslide we encountered in May of 2020. We are currently installing a NEW T-Bar Lift on the Westside of Showoff Run and hope to have it operational by mid-January 2022. 
  • Regular Hill Operating Hours (excluding special holiday hours) will be:
    • Wednesdays & Fridays 5:30-9:30PM
    • Saturdays & Sundays 11:00AM-5:00PM
  • Aquatera Tube Zone Regular Operating Hours (excluding special holiday hours) will be:
    • Fridays 5:00-7:00PM & 7:30-9:30PM
    • Saturdays 12:30-2:30PM & 3:00-5:00PM, 5:30-7:30PM & 8:00-10:00PM
    • Sundays 12:30-2:30PM & 3:00-5:00PM

Please Note that Physical Distancing of Two(2) Meters must be maintained and Face Coverings/Masks must be worn in all Lift Lines. We ask for your continued cooperation and patience as our staff work to enforce these Guidelines & Rules.


Ski & Snowboard Equipment Rentals:

Rentals will be offered in Nitehawk’s Rental Shop this winter and we will be taking extra precautions to keep your health and safety a top priority. Because of 1/3 capacity in the Rental Shop, we do anticipate slightly longer waits to get equipment again this season.

If you are taking lessons, please arrive 45-60 minutes prior to your lesson in case changes need to be made to your preset Rentals. 

  • Sanitation of equipment will take place daily after rentals are returned.
  • Face coverings are mandatory in the Rental Shop & ALL Indoor Spaces.
  • 2 metre physical distancing is required while waiting in line

Snow School & Lessons

  • Face Coverings/Masks are required to be worn for All Lessons, by All Students & Instructors at All Times.
  • If you are not feeling well and/or are experiencing any COVID-19 Symptoms, please do not come to your lesson. Please contact our Snowschool Team at 780-532-6637.
  • We will be maintaining a low student to instructor ratio, with  group lessons being at a ratio of 6:1.
  • If you are interested in a cohort lesson, please inquire with our Snowschool Team.
  • We will be having all Students Check-in outside with our Snowschool Team, and we ask that one parent check-in each child.
  • When checking in for All Nitehawk Lesson Programs, we ask that Students come dressed and ready to go.
  • Use your vehicle as your “Home Base” to get ready prior to your lesson.
  • If you are renting equipment, please arrive at least 45-60mins before your lesson to collect your rentals and get ready at your vehicle. Please anticipate longer than usual wait times for rental equipment, should changes to your pre-set gear be required.
  • Instructors will use methods to decrease physical interaction with guests.
  • Instructors will not be having lunch with guests.

Ski Hill Tickets & Passes: 

For the 2021-22 Winter Season you will be required to pre-purchase ALL Ski, Snowboard and Tube Lift Tickets ONLINE prior to visiting the Hill. This will allow us to share guest information for the purpose of contact tracing with Alberta Health Services should it be required.   

  • Pre-purchasing of ALL lift tickets will be required in advance to your arrival at Nitehawk.
  • There will be NO in-person lift ticket sales. 
  • There may be times when daily capacity is met and day tickets for a particular day or time will not be available.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to use our ONLINE booking system. 

Please note: once the New T-Bar is operational in mid-January we hope to be able to increase our daily capacity. Watch for more details in the near future.

Aquatera Tube Zone: 

A great experience for ALL Ages and place to enjoy Fresh-Air Famly Fun! The Aquatera Tube Zone will be open again this Winter and we’re excited to bring back the GLOW TUBING experience, during evening operations. 

  • Tickets must be pre-purchased ONLINE in advance to your visit, as we don’t want to disappoint those who arrive without tickets if we are SOLD OUT.
  • For the safety of all our Staff & Guests, Face Coverings/Masks must be worn at ALL times when Tubing at the Aquatera Tube Zone.
  • We will continue to have capacity restrictions in the Tube Zone, in order to operate safely and provide a wonderful guest experience.  
  • Tubing Sessions will be capped at 60-80 Guests people. 
  • Restriction Exemption Program (REP) will be implemented in the Lower Chalet, and Face Coverings will be required while indoors. 
  • Two(2) Meter physical distancing and face coverings are required in all Line-ups and while Tubing.
  • Tubing in Groups will only be allowed if you belong to same cohort group. 
  • Tubes cannot be shared and will be sanitized between sessions. 
  • Physical distancing in Lift Lines and Tube Lane Line-ups is required along with mandatory face coverings for ALL Nitehawk Staff & Guests. 

Indoor Facilities: 

The Nitehawk Main Chalet and Lower Chalet will both see the implementation of the Restriction Exemption Program (REP) in order to follow AHS Guidelines this season, as well as the following protocols: 

  • A mask or face covering will be required in ALL Indoor Spaces, unless actively eating or drinking.
  • ALL Nitehawk Staff will be wearing face coverings or face shields.
  • We will be limiting the amount of guests allowed Rental Shop to ensure proper physical distancing.
  • We HIGHLY Recommend that all guests come dressed to be outside for the majority of their visit. 
  • High touchpoint surfaces will be sanitized and cleaned a minimum of three(3) times per day and enhanced deep cleaning will take place every day after closing.
  • Storage Racks & Cubbies have been removed. 
  • Outdoor Storage Racks have been added outside the Cafeteria, but are to be used at your own risk. Do not leave valuable items in unattended bags.
  • Please leave bags and personal items in your vehicle, as there will be NO storage space – please use your vehicle as your HOMEBASE. 
  • We suggest bringing only what you need to hill or packing a small backpack you can take on the hill with you. 

Upper & Lower Chalet Cafeterias:

  • NO Outside Food or Bag Lunches will be permitted in Nitehawk’s Cafeterias this season. We encourage you to eat in your vehicle or outside if you bring your own food. 
  • Take-out Food Options will be made available for those that are not allowed to access our Food Service Areas, due to the Restriction Exemption Program (REP).
  • Guests that are not skiing, snowboarding or tubing are asked to watch from our outdoor patio or from their vehicle, as Nitehawk needs to allow for as many guests as possible to access our Indoor facilities to grab a bite to eat and utilize our washroom facilities. 
  • Tables in ALL indoor & outdoor eating facilities will be spaced to allow for Two(2) meter Physical Distancing. Please do NOT move tables and chairs from their assigned locations. 
  • A maximum of Six(6) individuals from the same cohort may sit together at the same table. 
  • Enhanced cleaning & sanitization protocols will be in place. 
  • We will continue to offer more Grab-n-Go Food Items in our Cafeterias to help reduce line-ups.
  • The use of Outdoor Patio Seating is encouraged.
  • We will be setting up an outdoor BBQ near the Upper Chalet Deck frequently throughout the season.

We realize the changes listed above may or likely will create inconveniences, however we ask for everyone’s continued cooperation, patience and understanding. In order for us to provide a safe space for everyone this winter it will require adaptation and the willingness to do things differently from ALL.

See you on the Slopes!

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