Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park

Early Learning Winter Play Program

Fundamental Movement skills:

During the 6 weeks we will visit the A, B, C’s of Fundamental Movement, which are Agility, Balance and Coordination. By using stability, locomotor skills and object manipulation we can practice the skills needed to be confident and competent in a winter outdoor setting. Practice is key to mastering a skill, we will focus on fun and repetitive games to ensure each child has many opportunities to become familiar with a skill.


A parented program developed for children aged 3-4, to establish and encourage outdoor winter play. We will cover topics such as, but not limited to: sliding using different modes of locomotion (skies, snowboards, sleds, striders), stopping, safety on the hill (helmet and staying in control), and keeping warm (how to dress for the cold and what to do if I’m cold).


To get young children and their parent/guardian comfortable outdoors in the winter months.

To equip young families to enjoy and explore new outdoor winter activities.

To highlight the vast abilities for young families to enjoy Nitehawk and other outdoor winter facilities.

Program Dates/Cost

6 week program, 1 day a week

Starts – Tuesday, February 13
Cost – $75
Time – 10 to 11am