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CSIA Professional Development Modules

CSIA Professional Development Modules are designed to upgrade and develop new skills. If your desire is to focus on a particular aspect of your development, attending a module is the perfect tool. It can be used as an alternative for instructors who wish to continue their education in ski teaching without taking the next level of certification. There is no pass/fail assessment for these modules.

Teaching Children

Do you teach children? Are you looking for ideas and understanding of how to do a better job?

  • Develop your understanding of how children develop both mentally and physically at different ages.
  • Build your toolbox with tactics for age groups and skill levels
  • Learn practical approaches for safety and class control.
  • The indoor component focuses on communication with children.

Duration: 1 day
Education credit value: 10 credits
Recommended for: Any level of certification
Fees: $106.70 + tax
Program outline: click here
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